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BR Partners, a compact yet dedicated firm, is resolutely committed to delivering exceptional value to our clients. Unencumbered by the overheads of larger counterparts, our streamlined approach enables agile and efficient solutions tailored precisely to your needs. Our personalized, cost-effective services foster innovation and impactful results, setting us apart in the industry.

Our Team 

BHsu Headshot.png

Brian Hsu 

Program Management Practice Leader

Brian Hsu has 10+ years as a operational leader in strategy and partnerships in the insurance and data industries. He has supported program management, strategy, and regulatory filings for large utilities.

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James Bottoms 

Senior Advisor

James Bottoms is a data scientist with 5 years focused utility experience. He has a deep understanding of utility modeling and data application, supporting internal functions and external data reporting requirements.

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Ryan Flynn

Risk Practice Leader

Ryan Flynn has 10+ years experience supporting the largest utilities in the country. His areas of focus include supporting operational resilience, program strategy, and regulatory positioning.

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Yvonne Mejia Pena

Regulatory Leader

Yvonne Pena is an experienced regulatory leader, having supported multiple west coast utilities across a breadth of regulatory and compliance settings. She brings an insider's view to the regulatory environment of California and the West Coast.

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